1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, smartphone or other device when you access the internet.

2. Types of cookies

The length of time a cookie stays on your device depends on its type. We use two types of cookies on our websites. None of the cookies we use collect your personal information and they can’t be used to identify you.

3. Technical cookies

Firstly, yoitermedia stores technical cookies. These cookies are necessary to provide the requested service. For instance, technical cookies allow you to proceed through different pages of a website with a single login and they remember selections in (order) forms that are filled out on the website.

4. Third-party cookies

Apart from cookies that yoitermedia itself stores, third parties can store cookies on your Terminal Equipment through the website. This paragraph applies to these third party cookies. yoitermedia can not control or influence the use of these cookies and/or the use by third parties of the information collected through these cookies. yoitermedia only provides the platform that enables storing these third party cookies.

5. Google Analytics

In order to collect data on the usage of the website and visits to the website, yoitermedia uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics stores a permanent cookie on your Terminal Equipment which is subsequently used to register your use of the website. This data is then analyzed by Google and the results are given to yoitermedia.

6. Social plug ins

The website is linked to various social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Through the use of these social plug ins you can share and recommend information to others. Through the social plug ins, third party cookies are stored on your Terminal Equipment. These are cookies that are used to optimize your experience of the website.

7. Deleting cookies

The consent you have given to store and read first and third party cookies, can be withdrawn at any time by setting your browser to disable cookies and/or to remove all cookies from your browser.

8. Disable the use of cookies

By clicking the links below, you can read how you can delete the different types of cookies from different browsers. Follow the steps below.

9. Internet Explorer

If you want to remove all cookies from your browser Internet Explorer.
Read this

10. Firefox

If you want to remove all cookies from your browser Mozilla Firefox.
Read this

11. Chrome

If you want to remove all cookies from your browser Google Chrome.
Read this

12. Safari

If you want to remove all cookies from your browser Safari.
Read this

13. Cookies and Privacy Policy

It is possible that information collected through a cookie or obtained otherwise, contains personal data. If this is the case, the Privacy Policy of Notification is applicable on the processing of these data. The Privacy Policy can be read legal notice.

14. Changes

This Cookie Policy can be changed at all times. Changes in the Cookie Policy will be announced on the website. Last modified: October 4, 2017

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